LOUTRE, a London-based clothing brand, embodies a conscious design ethos. Its collections echo the gritty and tenacious spirit of London, blending skewed proportions, billowing silhouettes, and unexpected intricacies that define each garment. The baggy fits pay homage to founder Pia Schiele’s formative years, drawing inspiration from thrifted and self-crafted styles cultivated during her immersion in skate culture, marking the inception of her design narrative.

Established in 2018, LOUTRE demonstrates an unwavering dedication to reimagining materials in an environmentally conscious manner. The commitment to a holistic sustainable approach shines through in utilising upcycled deadstock items to craft shirts, sweaters, pants, and jackets, resulting in entirely distinctive styles. Additionally, materials such as denim are sourced from distinguished Italian mills known for their eco-conscious production practices and use of natural organic cotton fibres. Each regenerated garment is meticulously crafted in limited quantities within London, utilising thoughtfully curated materials.

Pia describes LOUTRE’s latest capsule for DSM as a personal renaissance—an exploration and affirmation of her roots, encompassing both her identity and her brand. Mesh jerseys, artfully deconstructed knit pieces, and versatile outerwear pay homage to her European heritage, the vibrant pulse of London’s skate culture, and the practicality of urban winter attire. Bold, definitive touches and contrasting graphics nod to the streetwear of the early 2000s.